Be a KTR Mentor Teacher!

The KIPP Teacher Residency is a one year teacher training and preparation program that supports our newest teachers to gain the skills and practice they need to hit the ground running. Teacher Residents are paired up with an experienced Mentor  teacher to learn from while simultaneously taking Master’s and credentialing coursework. At the end of the year, Residents have a CA credential and a Master of Arts in Teaching, and are ready for full-time positions. 

What is a KTR Mentor? 

A KIPP Teacher Residency Mentor Teacher has the important job of supporting one of our newest teachers as they enter the world’s best profession. You’ll be matched with a first year teacher and grad school student who will work alongside you in your classroom this year. 

What do I get? 

You will get 1:1 coaching support to learn how to be a great people-manager, an amazing coach, and a better teacher as well. You’ll also get paid $3500 for the year, and receive 9 high quality Mentor full-day PDs with the rest of our Mentor cohort to build strong relationships and learn best practices across the region. You’ll learn to observe, give feedback, coach, and manage a team effectively. Many of our Content Specialists are Mentor Teachers first. 

What are the requirements? 

To be a KTR Mentor, you must have at least 3 years of teaching experience, a Clear CA Credential (by November 2020) and your School Leaders Recommendation. You must also complete a Mentor Application which can be found here, and have a strong growth mindset, about yourself and new teachers. Admission into the program depends on qualifications and your school’s needs. 

What does the role entail? 

Being a Mentor is a big job, and requires additional time outside of your regular teaching responsibilities. You must meet with your mentor for at least 2hrs per week (can happen after school or during prep periods), to plan with them and give them feedback on their teaching, attend monthly mentor seminars, and support them as they learn. You must also be comfortable with giving up some ownership over your classroom and giving them opportunities to teach (and sometimes, fail!) 

Do I get to choose my resident? 

Sort of! We screen hundreds of applications and choose the highest quality candidates with the best experience, growth mindsets, and attitudes and send them to you, to interview them. You and your School Leader will then decide if they seem like a good fit for you and your school. 

Being a Mentor is an extremely rewarding experience. You have the opportunity to impact countless students in the years to come as your Resident is introduced to what it means to be a great teacher for our kids. Please reach out to Annie Villanueva if you need any additional information via phone: 650.515.8817 or email: