KTC Alumni COVID-19 Emergency Fund Application

KIPP Through College is working to provide support for our KIPP alumni who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a one-time payment for alumni who are currently enrolled in college. We encourage you to utilize other resources as colleges and universities across the country will begin offering emergency grants to their college students impacted by COVID-19 and the recession with funding from the (CARES) Act Education Stabilization Fund. Please check your college’s financial aid website or contact their office. KTC has also put together COVID-19 Resources for Alums which includes local financial, mental health, and school-based resources.

We have established a fund to support alumni who have an urgent financial need directly due to COVID-19. This fund was started to support as many KIPP alumni as possible, but it may not be able to support all alumni needs nor can we guarantee funds to all applicants. 

Please complete the form below if you are experiencing an urgent financial need due to COVID-19. Please give as much detail about your financial situation and needs as a result of the pandemic. This funding is for alumni emergency needs only. Unfortunately, we cannot use this funding to cover wage loss for your parents/guardians, however, if alumni are typically responsible for covering a portion of family rent, this funding can be used towards that. This funding can help cover:

  • Housing stipends to help cover housing costs when dorms are closed and you cannot return home or rent for off-campus housing, due to job loss
  • Food if your campus cafeterias have closed or aren’t accessible 
  • Storage fees if free/donated storage is no longer available
  • Individual laptops or textbooks to complete online college coursework
  • Travel costs to help return home from a campus that is closed
  • Other COVID-related costs supporting basic needs (ie healthcare, personal supplies)

Alumni selected will be provided a one-time payment of $250. You will be informed by the KTC team if your application is selected to receive the money. We will run selections as funds become available.

For questions about the fund and any other available services contact your KTC advisor or ktc@kippbayarea.org.

Please complete the form below to apply.