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What is KIPP?

KIPP is a network of public charter schools educating elementary, middle, and high school students.

15 Schools in 6 Cities

5,744 Students

3,788 Alumni

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Annual Report – 2018

We're grateful to our community of supporters for believing in and investing in our mission. Check out our 2018 Annual Report to learn more about our students, teachers, and schools, including our results, growth, and future plans. Click here to read the full 2018 Annual Report. Read More

New Numbers Show Low-Income Students at Most of America’s Largest Charter School Networks Graduating College at Two to Four Times the National Average

The 74 - March 26, 2019 A fresh look at the college success records at the major charter networks serving low-income students shows alumni earning bachelor’s degrees at rates up to four times as high as the 11 percent rate expected for that student population. The baseline comparison number …Read More

32 Bay Area schools on CA’s ‘Distinguished’ list

SF Chronicle - February 28, 2019 The Bay Area laid claim to 32 of the 162 middle and high schools honored as Distinguished Schools by the state Department of Education for 2019. The East Bay was particularly well-represented — 20 of the 32 schools are in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. …Read More

Charter School Program Steps In to Fill Gaps in College Aid

Inside Higher Ed - January 8, 2019 KIPP charter schools have built a national reputation for sending disadvantaged students to college, but that success didn't always translate into students actually graduating from college. Money shortages and gaps in financial aid, even relatively small ones, often got in the way …Read More

I’m excited to send my elementary student to KIPP. I’m confident she’ll get the skills needed to succeed in college and beyond, and that my children will one day grow up to change the world.

John Hughes, Parent, KIPP Bridge Academy

I applied to other schools in the area as well but when I came to KIPP SFCP for my sample lesson and interview, by the time I left that day, I had felt so vetted, so accepted and loved for who I was – I had already started connecting with the students and it just felt like home. So I stopped looking right after that, it was exactly where I wanted to be.

Damion Clark, Assistant Principal, KIPP SF College Prep

I love seeing that KIPP is college preparatory, and I love seeing that there are people of color teaching people of color.

Jessica Allen, Parent, KIPP Bayview

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